SYNW Episode 13 – Highlander, Bill Murray, DVD Releases, The Master & Dan Harmon / Film Roulette: The Dictator & Battleship / Wordburglar, Greys & Guided By Voices Reviews

Turns out 13 isn’t such a lucky number! We totally went over-long on See You Next Wednesday Episode 13, but that just means about 10 or so extra hilarious minutes for you!

We start off with a grab-bag of topics, ranging from the Highlander remake, what’s new on DVD this week, Dan Harmon leaving Community and more. Then, in Film Roulette, we review The Dictator and Battleship. Album reviews this week are Wordburglar’s 3rdburglarGreys’ Easy Listening, and Guided By Voices’ Class Clown Spots a UFO. Dig in!

Click here to download the episode.

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Direct Download: SYNW_13_MAIN.mp3 


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