Kangaroo Court Episode 3 – “We Got a Studio” Edition

Episode 3 of Kangaroo Court Podcast has arrived! We talk Jays (both current and retro), we talk NBA playoffs and that was before the Celtics won last night — Go Boston! We do a Euros Preview which is rather entertaining because of the knowledge disparity between Wagner and myself. Of course we have 3 more Kangaroo Court trials for you before we endeavor to use 4 mics and talk top-10 fantasy running backs for 2012-13. We got a little excited, it goes long. But recording at home was just so damn comfortable we couldn’t help it. I promise we are working on it.

Special thanks to Ryan Beattie of the Lovely Killbots for appearing, as well as Adam Wagner and Greg LeGros for their weekly appearances. Also shout out to Chris Sampson who helped us record and my lovely wife Terri Coles for being an editing ninja. I am most definitely not worthy.

Direct Download: Kangaroo_Court_June_7_2012_Episode_3_Edit.mp3


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