Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court — is a new Sports Podcast that drops every Thursday, brought to you by Dan Wolovick (owner and founder of twowaymonologues). While Dan has made his career in the music industry, deep down he’s a sports fanatic constantly looking for chances to talk about it. Kangaroo Court will be Dan and a regular cast of fellow sports fanatics talking about the big four sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) and other sports from time to time as well. Dan is a lifelong Jays fan, a Raptors fan, a spurned Raiders fan turned Niners fan and a born again Winnipeg Jets fan.

Tune in for regular features such as the titular Kangaroo Court, where Dan will take players from various sports to Kangaroo Court and levy fines based on how ridiculous their mistakes were.

Dan vs Non Sports Fan: Weekly gambling picks, where Dan and someone who knows nothing about sports pick games in the attempt to shame the host.

Blue Jays Way: Every Jay who has played for the team since 1989 is in a hat, one gets pulled out and Dan tells you his story. Will it be Darnell Coles, Jim Acker, Eddie Zosky, Willie Canate or Ruben Sierra? Who knows.

Fantasy Tips and Stories: Dan is also an intense fantasy sports player, particularly Football where his team the Waiver Wire Warriors micro-manages the wire to ridiculous levels.

Weekly Song: Let’s face it, you don’t get your music info off Dan without a side of sports so you aren’t going to get your sports without music. Once a week we will play an Indie song from a band of sports fanatics for you to check out and tell their story.

See you in court!

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