See You Next Wednesday

See You Next Wednesday is a Toronto, Ontario based music, film and pop-culture podcast hosted by Rancho Relaxo bartenders Casey Lyons & Greg LeGros, and TWM writer/contributor Dan Gorman. Every Wednesday they make their way through our modern media landscape, with frequent stops to check out new albums, movies, trailers, viral videos and more.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can expect plenty of frustration when all three hosts play a rousing game of Film Roulette every episode. Greg, Casey and Dan roll to see who gets to check out the most buzzed about movie that week, and who has to see a stinker. Pay back is a bitch though, because the loser gets to subject the winners to an album of his choice. Film Roulette — where no one is safe from the great equalizer: a single die. Other segments include mixtape collaborations, and Hero Swap — in which popular film characters and their situations are swapped and we see if Axel Foley would survive in Die Hard‘s Nakatomi Plaza or if John McLean could Escape From New York.

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